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Jaw Pain / TMJ Pain

Are you struggling with TMJ pain that's causing discomfort in your neck and headaches? Shield Physical Therapy and Injury Prevention in Fort Wayne is here to provide you with effective solutions to alleviate your TMJ-related symptoms.

Many individuals with TMJ pain find it challenging to perform daily tasks comfortably. Have you tried various treatments, including medications, massages, or other therapies, without experiencing relief? Perhaps you’ve even attempted physical therapy in the past with limited success. We understand the frustration of living with persistent TMJ pain, and we’re committed to helping you find lasting relief.

At Shield Physical Therapy and Injury Prevention, we specialize in treating TMJ disorders and associated symptoms such as neck pain and headaches. Our approach focuses on addressing the underlying causes of your discomfort and restoring optimal function to your jaw and surrounding muscles.

Here's how we can help:

It’s important to understand that TMJ pain can be effectively managed with the right approach and guidance. Our goal is to help you regain comfort and functionality in your jaw, neck, and head so that you can enjoy your daily activities without discomfort.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards relief, schedule a call with our experienced Physical Therapist, Nathan Miller, at Shield Physical Therapy and Injury Prevention in Fort Wayne, IN. Let us help you find long-term solutions for your TMJ-related symptoms.

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