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A message from Dr. Nathan Miller, founder of Shield Physical Therapy and Injury Prevention:

There are many causes of back pain. Some people know exactly when it started (car accident, sports injury, or work injury). For others, the pain developed with no apparent cause. And unlike pains you had when you were younger, this back pain just won’t go away!

As society advances in technology and communications, the prevalence of back pain is only getting worse. So what are we doing as Americans to make our back pain worse? I believe that I know and have developed an effective method to treat pain when other methods are not working.

So why not let go of that belief that your pain will get better on its own?
Please let me explain how we have helped others who feel just like you…

For some people, your pain is debilitating. You wake up in the morning and feel a familiar twinge in your back. It’s a daily struggle that can leave you on edge, fearing what each new day might bring. If this is you, you should be seen today!

Most of the people we treat at Shield Physical Therapy for back pain are not in this state. Their pain is bearable, but has gone on way too long and is affecting many areas of their lives. Maybe you talked to your doctor who just gave you pills and told you to come back if it doesn’t go away. But why go back to the doctor for more pills if the first round of pills didn’t help?

Maybe you keep going to a chiropractor, massage therapist or physical therapist and it helps… for a while. But the pain keeps coming back. There has to be something better! So you look online for any stretch or tip that you can use to DIY your back pain away. And again, it helps a little, but your problem isn’t solved.

How do you know what your back really needs?

So you remain frustrated. You aren’t sure what to do to help yourself, so you just resolve to live with the pain. Have you thought to yourself, “well maybe I can’t run anymore, but at least I can golf” or “I can’t get up and down from the floor easily anymore, but my kids aren’t little so I don’t need to play on the ground.”

Please don’t give up that level of independence. If you don’t take charge of your body now, how much harder will it be to regain the strength and flexibility that you are missing? And what if it keeps getting worse?

So regardless of what caused your pain, what are you going to do about it?

I would like to present Shield PT as an option for you. We have treated individuals with your back pain and specialize in helping people regain freedom from pain and worry. We can help you get back to the life you love. If you commit to the individualized plan we create for you, your goals become our goals and we work together to achieve the health outcomes that you deserve.

For most people, this includes addressing other aspects of health beyond your back pain to help you live a strong, healthy, independent life for decades to come. So if you’re still grappling with the idea of working with us, the best place to start is a phone consultation. This is a short, 15-minute talk to discuss your challenges and help you make the best decision for your health.

Still need a little more information? Here’s a true story about Jennifer, someone I recently helped:

Jennifer is almost 40 years old and experienced a work injury that never fully resolved. She suffered with pain off and on for five years. Her low back ached every day which drained her energy, and she had major “flare-ups” two to three times a year. When she experienced a flare up earlier this year, she was tired of being in pain. Willing to do whatever it took to overcome this once and for all, she decided to get help.

She didn’t know if she needed an injection, surgery, or something else. Fortunately I met her within the first week after this flare up. She agreed to an individualized treatment plan and we spent the first few visits getting her pain under control. Surprisingly to her, the back pain was COMPLETELY GONE in approximately three weeks from her first visit. The treatment she had received for the first injury never got her feeling this good!

But this wasn’t Jennifer’s first rodeo with back pain and she suspected that the achiness would return followed by another flare up. That pain didn’t return because I trained her to complete new exercises that she had never attempted before. I taught her to achieve full, end-range forward and backward bending of her low back. She also learned what true “core” activation is so she could truly work the correct muscles when working her core. She was even educated on how to incorporate the necessary exercises into a standard exercise routine to save time every week by protecting her back and taking care of her whole body at the same time.

Jennifer recently reported to me (6 months after the most recent injury) that she hasn’t had a flare up and her daily pain is eliminated by staying consistent with exercises!

If you are ready for relief from your pain, fill out this form and we will contact you shortly.

Maybe you can’t see yourself in that story... So let me tell you about Tyler:

Tyler is a young man that was exercising and felt pain in his back. Nothing terrible at first, but by the time he made it to his car, he had sharp pain shooting from his back, down his leg, all the way to his foot. This was extreme pain that he had never experienced before. He didn’t know what to do!

Tyler became frustrated because he couldn’t walk normally. He is in his 20’s, but he felt like he was 90 whenever he tried to stand up from a chair. Tyler searched online for every tip, trick, and exercise he could find to relieve the pain… but nothing worked. The pain remained for 6 agonizing weeks before his wife finally convinced him to get treatment. His friend referred him to Shield PT and scheduling an appointment was the best decision he could have made for his health at that time.

After six long weeks of near constant pain, he found near complete pain-relief in the first week of starting with Shield PT! Tyler knew he didn’t want only the quick fix and risk this pain coming back, so he completed all 7 recommended sessions in approximately 5 weeks. By his last visit, he was back to squatting over 100 pounds and swinging a golf club. He was so glad that he committed to an individualized Shield PT plan and got the best result achievable.

You can achieve this too and it all starts with a thorough evaluation of your whole body. While your pain is in your back, the body is a system and needs to be treated as such. We specialize in treating you, not just a single injury. In fact, it is very common that as we restore someone’s back health, we are able to decrease knee, hip, or neck pain at the same time.

​Regardless of how bad your back is, we can help you. We specialize in the treatment of pain that won’t go away with other methods. If your pain is complicated and you haven’t received help from other healthcare providers, consider a phone call to see if we are different. We have personally seen many people with MRI results that showed degeneration, arthritis, and disc herniations get back to exercising and moving without pain.

If you are ready, click on this link and just pick a time for us to give you a call.

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